Creation of Divers-Cult Toolkit

General Information 

The second result refers to the creation of Multicultural Educational Tools and Guidelines for teachers. 

The defined framework leads to an educational toolkit with the direct involvement of teachers and students from Partner organisations. The Toolkit contributes to the creation of materials and instruments to be used by teachers for improving students’  (ages 6-16 years old) Multiculturalism and Intercultural Competencies.   This Virtual cooperation experience allows students to develop and apply the Intercultural Competencies identified in the framework in a virtual environment where both teachers and students will work on a common goal.

The toolkit methodology and structure can be accessed here:  EN
Furthermore the toolikt activities can be accessed in the Divers-Cult App and also here: EN, ITLT , IS
For a better experience using the Divers-Cult App please read the App's User Manual.

Finally the teachers guidelines can be accessed here: ENITLT