Definition of Competence framework

General Information 

The first result refers to the Definition of the theoretical part, the Competence Framework.   
 The framework relates to the Key Intercultural Competencies based on the Conceptual and Operational Framework of Intercultural Competencies (UNESCO) and King and Baxter Magolda’s developmental framework (2005) for intercultural maturity. Within this goal, the project team seeks to provide a framework of the most important intercultural knowledge and abilities that children should acquire to profit from the cultural variety at school. The framework follows three tiers that correspond to EQF levels 1-3. 

This framework includes the following three dimensions: 
  •  how students see the world (cognitive), 
  •  how students see themselves (intrapersonal) 
  •  how students relate to others (interpersonal). 

Considering these features, the competence framework structures different competence areas (e.g., communication, empathy, listening, respect etc.).

The Competence Framework architecture can be accessed EN, IT
It's definition can be accessed here: ENLT, IS
Finally the methodology and the design of the Open Badges can be accessed  here